For many years I have been looking for a hat that has it all. Not an easy task but I have finally found it.

Why is it so good? I hear you ask…. Because it has:

  1. Decent sized brim to protect the top of the ears and side of the face that a cap cannot. But not too big to get in the way.
  2. Adjustable elastic band inside to keep it on in the wind, great for anything you are doing outdoors. Great if you need a gardening hat or a walking hat.
  3. Great for the golfer. Built in magnet for your golf ball marker. (Comes with a free IceRays ball marker) or use your own
  4. Crushable! A must for travelling and squashing into your suitcase.
  5. 50+ UV protective, lightweight and cool.
  6. Stylish, wear it anywhere for anything.
  7. One adjustable size.
  8. Unisex. Looks great on both men and women.

Ivory, Natural



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John Fittles

I love this hat. It stays on no matter how windy and I can stuff it into my suitcase when I travel and it reshapes every time. I have had mine for ages and it stays looking good. Easy to clean too.